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Septic System Questions

Build on Your Lot NC - Answers to Your Septic System Cost Questions

One of the biggest variables in cost for building on your lot can be the cost of the septic system.

How much will your septic system cost for your new Raleigh custom home?

It depends.

If you're getting a home construction bid, make sure your septic system allowance will be sufficient for the unique requirements of your lot and floor plan.

Raleigh New Home Septic System Costs Vary By Lot

Raleigh New Home Builders | Septic Systems Costs | Build On Your Lot | How Much Does a Septic Cost
Septic system costs vary widely, depending on
  • Soil conditions
  • Size of system
  • Type of system
  • County requirements
and more.

A typical septic system in the Raleigh/Triangle area can be anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, with most conventional or pump systems falling in the middle range.

What Does "No Perk" Mean for a Raleigh Area Lot?

A special system can run many tens of thousands more - particularly if your lot is rated the dreaded "No Perk", which means the ground is truly not suitable for a septic and many special measures will have to be taken to support one.

If your lot had a soils test years ago, it may need to be retested. North Carolina septic and soils requirements have become much more stringent. Some lots that were approved many years ago may no longer meet the requirements for a standard conventional septic system. On the bright side, because of these stringent standards you can be confident that your septic system will do its job for many, many years!

An experienced home builder can look at your septic permit and plot map and give you at least a good idea of what the system is going to cost.

Questions a Build On Your Lot Builder Should Ask Before Building Your New Home

1. How large is the septic field?

The length of pipe required will help determine total cost.

2. How far from the home is the septic field?

If more than 100 ft, a backflow preventer will have to be added.

Raleigh New Home Builders | Septic Systems Costs | Build On Your Lot | How Much Does a Septic Cost3. What is the topography of the land?

A flat, level lot will most likely have lower cost than a lot on a hill.

4. Is the septic field cleared or densely overgrown?

The septic field will need to be cleared of brush and of most trees in order for the pipes to be installed.

5. What depth of soil does your septic permit allow?

If the nitrification lines cannot be buried deep enough due to soil quality, enough approved soils will have to imported to cover the septic lines. Add the cost of the soil, plus transportation, and labor for spreading the soil above the septic system field.

6. Is the system gravity fed or pump fed?

A pump system will add to the cost.

7. What type of system has been approved or required?

Has the County approved a standard septic system, or have they required a special system like a panel block system?

8. Has a basement been requested?

In this area, most likely an additional pump system will be required, adding at least $3,000 to the building cost.

Raleigh new home septic system requirements can vary greatly, even on two adjacent lots.

But an experienced builder or septic system installer will be able to identify most issues and give a ballpark cost estimate based on seeing the approved septic permit and the plot map of your lot.

You'll probably want to bring a copy of a floor plan you're considering as well - a basement or a large number of bedrooms can also require changes in the system.

Writing an Offer for a Raleigh Lot | Build On Your Lot Tips

Remember, you can make an offer contingent on soil suitability. Talk to your builder about getting a soils test and obtaining information about the type of system required.

Stanton Homes will help guide you in the right direction, including help obtaining a free septic cost quote from a reputable local installer. One of our many services includes a full site cost comparison, including information regarding septic system requirements.

Septic systems may sound a little intimidating, but they are VERY common in the Raleigh area. Asking the right questions can help ensure you'll be very pleased with your new lot!

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